The Forgiveness Project

The Forgiveness Project (hereinafter called “The Project”), is a Christ-centered initiative aimed at bringing peace and reconciliation between people. It takes its direction from the reconciling work of Jesus on the cross of which forgiveness is of central importance. Persons, families, organizations and even nations have been torn asunder by hostilities that have been built up over time. For many individuals and families healing has not taken place. An important factor in the ongoing hostility, alienation and resentment is a lack of forgiveness.

Goals: The goal of The Project is to function as a mediator to bring parties together for a conversation. Out of this we hope that the hurts and ill-will that cause pain, division and brokenness in relationships can be overcome and a path laid for reconciliation to occur.

How will this work: There are times when people may wish to overcome their differences but there is not a mediator to bring the parties together. The Project desires to be that mediating tool. The Project is not a counseling or therapeutic enterprise. In the process of reconciliation there may be situations which demand such intervention. Where this occurs parties may be referred to professionals who carry out these services.

The highest level of confidentiality and integrity will be maintained by officers, staff or agents of the project. Interested parties will consult with The Project which will then consult the other party or parties to begin the dialogue. When both sides have been contacted and agree to meet then an initial meeting will be set up between them.

It is not anticipated that any fee will be charged for the work performed in the reconciliation process. However, The Project will not be averse to accept goodwill donations from parties who feel disposed to do so.

By filling out and submitting the form below, you are giving the forgiveness project the permission to contact you with a view of initiating a conversation about your concern. Your brief concern is a statement of the issue you wish to address. Remember that it will be held in the strictest confidence.

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